Meet a Weaver Volunteer


Rose has been volunteering in our Weavers program for 6 months. The Weavers program is a peer-support program pairing volunteers who have caring experience with carers to provide support and guidance. In the time that Rose has been volunteering she has supported a carer to understand and feel more confident in their role by sharing her experiences from her own caring role. She has selflessly ensured someone else is equipped to tackle the challenges that can often accompany caring for a loved one.

When asked about her volunteering, Rose noted that one of the main reasons she loves being a Weaver is that she can support a carer to deal with the stresses that she once experienced in her own caring role.

Rose has reflected on why volunteering is so important to her and mentions that her family have been helped by volunteers in the past. She considers being a volunteer as being part of a “world people” where “always helping out” is the universal mantra.

Multicultural Care thanks Rose for her selflessness in giving back to her community.