How to access CHSP services

Accessing CHSP services

Stage 1

Contact my aged care directly on 1800 200 422 to discuss your ability to cope and function at home independently, your needs and desired level of support. An individual such as a friend, GP or family member can make referrals on your behalf.

Stage 2

Receive a free home support assessment through RAS (Regional Assessment Service) to determine your needs. At this point you can nominate us as your preferred service provider.

Stage 3

A personalised client record is created for you based on your assessment by RAS. This client record is created to share your information (based on your consent) with your assessor, representative and service providers.

Stage 4

We arrange with you the service delivery particulars, including how many times the service will be delivered, any language or cultural requirements and a clear explanation of the contribution cost for the service (based on an hourly rate).

Stage 5

Your service commences and a monthly invoice is sent to show the contribution fee. You can pay by direct debit or electronic fund transfer.

To learn more about this program and other services please contact us on 9718 6199 or email to discuss your support needs.