Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) supports older Australians to maintain their at-home independence and important connection to the community for as long as possible. It can also support carers of older Australians by providing opportunities for respite.

Support provided at home is for entry-level needs, focusing on daily living requirements. CHSP services are funded by the Australian Government. 

Programme eligibility is decided by the Regional Assessment Service (RAS). As client care needs become more complex greater levels of support are required, clients may progress to a Home Care Package (HCP). 

The CHSP offers a range of services that clients can stop and start in accordance with their changing needs. Clients only contribute toward the services they use. 

What services does Multicultural Care offer as part of CHSP?

  • Domestic assistance with household tasks like cleaning, laundry and ironing 
  • Personal care assistance with showering, bathing, dressing, haircare and going to the toilet 
  • Allied health support services such as occupational therapy 
  • Transport assistance so clients can travel to and from appointments and social events 
  • Respite care to support clients and their carers through in-home, centre-based and community access support 
  • Individual Social Support where clients are supported one on one to engage with the community such as shopping, appointments and social activities 


Where do we provide services?

Our CHSP services are delivered in the following regions:

  • Inner West Sydney
  • South East Sydney
  • South West Sydney
  • Northern Sydney


Differences between Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) & Home Care Package (HCP)

Commonwealth Home Support Programme  Home Care Package
 Your eligibility is assessed by the Regional Assessment Service (RAS) and your specific services are identified. Your eligibility is assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).
The programme caters to Australians with low-level care needs. Home Care Packages cater to Australians with higher-level care needs.
Multicultural Care staff will develop a plan with you to meet your specific service needs. A Case Manager tailors a wholistic plan to meet your higher level and more complex care needs.
 You can stop and start services according to your changing needs, only contributing towards the services you use. Packages provide ongoing, wholistic services to support independence at home.  Care needs are reviewed regularly to ensure the appropriate services and level of care are in place at all times