Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages 

Funded by the Commonwealth Government, Home Care Packages (HCP) provide long term support for older people aged 65 years and over, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders 50 years and over – so that they can maintain their independence at home. Packages are designed to be flexible and on demand – in line with the government’s new consumer directed care approach (CDC). Under Consumer Directed Care (CDC) the consumer (you) can choose the services you want, how and when you want them delivered – and by a preferred service provider.

A Home Care Package enables you to personalise your support services so you can live a healthy, safe and independent life in the comfort of your own home and to stay connected to your community.

Home Care Packages are available in four levels of care.

What services are available in my Home Care Package?

Your Home Care Package can be used for products and services that support your independence at home, your health and well being and your social connections in the community.

Services may include:

  • Personal Care: showering, personal grooming, assistance with dressing and mobility assistance
  • Domestic Assistance: household cleaning, laundry, shopping, ironing, meal preparation and making beds
  • Social Support: companionship, social activities
  • Transport 
  • House maintenance and modifications 
  • Aids & Equipment
  • Allied Health

Why Choose Multicultural Care?

When you choose Multicultural Care we will ensure you benefit from choice and flexibility.  Multicultural Care prides itself of tailoring services to meet the needs of clients, matching carers with clients based on language and cultural needs. 

  • Our priority is for the client to remain healthy and happy in their own home within their own community and ensure that language and culture is not a barrier.
  • When you choose us you will be assigned a case manager who will work with you to design a care plan and conduct regular assessments to make sure you are happy with the services.
  • Our qualified and dedicated bilingual support staff are matched will you based on cultural and language needs.
  • Over 90% of our staff speak another language, this includes our office staff. 
  • All our care workers are our employers and trained to ensure a high standard of care is provided.
  • We take the time to get to know you, your family and/carer

What areas do we service?

Multicultural Care currently offers services across the following regions:

  • Inner West Sydney
  • South East Sydney
  • South West Sydney

Difference between Home Care Package (HCP) & Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

Home Care Packages  Commonwealth Home Support Programme
 A Case Manager helps you understand the system and will work out a Care Plan that  suits your individual needs and preferences.  Choose from set services – there is not a great deal of  flexibility
 Once you have a package, it will stay in place long term  Only pay for the services you use
 Your eligibility is assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)  Can dip in and out of the program as you need things
   Have you eligibility assess by the Regional Assessment Service (RAS)

Am I eligible?

To find out if you are eligible you must contact My Aged Care who will organise an assessment through the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). Individuals who are eligible for a package receive specified funds/resources and together with the assistance of a dedicated care coordinator, they can select and purchase services to best meet their care needs or wishes.

If you require assistance with contacting My Aged Care or would like to speak with one of our care coordinators please contact us on 02 9718 6199.

Can I get a Home Care Package privately?

Any self-funded person needing coordinated support services can also purchase Home Care Packages privately. To find out more about private services we offer in your area contact us on 02 9718 6199.


How to access a Home Care Package (HCP)?


Regardless of the packages chosen, our services are always delivered in a caring, respectful, reliable and professional manner. To speak to someone about out services and how we can help you or your loved one contact us on 02 9718 6199 or email admin@mc.org.au 


Our Home care packages provide comprehensive and tailored support with services such as:

Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages enable you to access personalised support services so that you can continue to live independently in the comfort of your own home, and remain connected to your own community. Multicultural Care Home Care Packages are funded by the Australian Government and are available in four levels.

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Domestic Care

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Personal Care

Personal Care Provided in a safe, respectful, private and dignified way without compromising the individual’s comfort and personal hygiene.  We provide services to assist with...
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Transport Designed to assist in maintaining independence and autonomy to get around safely and conveniently. This service is very useful for people who are not...
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Allied Health Services

Allied health services coordinated as part of packages from accredited service providers such as physiotherapists, podiatrists, occupational therapists

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Top up services

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