How to access care under privately funded services

Stage 1

Our specialist care coordinator team receives your homecare enquiry directly from you, a referral or family member. We will discuss your specific care requirements with you and get to know your needs and wishes. We will provide information on the package of services that are available to you depending on your level of care needs, as well as an outline of costs.

Stage 2

We will arrange for a member of our specialist care coordinator to visit you and carry out a comprehensive assessment of your care needs, including a risk assessment to ensure your safety. Following this visit, a fully costed care package will be offered.

Stage 3

We will finalise your care plan with you and your family, making sure you are happy with every aspect.

Stage 4

We will identify any suitable allied service professionals to support you in-line with your care plan and arrange for you to meet them to ensure that all of your needs are addressed.

To learn more about this program and other services please contact us on 9718 6199 to discuss your support needs.