“We match each client with carefully selected staff based on cultural and linguistic needs and capabilities”

Multicultural Care has been meeting the needs of multicultural communities across many regions of Sydney for over three decades. As a leading not-for-profit provider of culturally and linguistically tailored services, we empower our clients to live independent, fulfilling lives for as long as possible.

We are funded by the NSW and Federal Governments to deliver care services to older people and, through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), to people of all ages who live with disability.  

Our 100 per cent person-focused approach helps clients continue to live in their own homes – the way they want to – for the longest possible period of time. We believe the ability to live independently, with appropriate support, is a vital factor in people’s wellbeing and fulfilment even more so for people who may face additional life challenges due to language and cultural differences.  

Multicultural Care understands the importance of great staff. We carefully select and train our team members to provide clients with the most optimal care. Each staff member embodies and delivers on our organisational values of customer focus, inclusiveness, fairness, integrity, accountability, innovation, collaboration and equality. We are committed to matching each client, where possible, with a member of staff who not only has a rich understanding of their cultural heritage, but also fluency in their mother tongue – to be a dedicated partner in care.  

Whether you speak Mandarin or Swahili, celebrate Ramadan or Diwali we are here to be your partners in care.