Staff sincerely thanked on Aged Care Employee Day

Aged Care Employee Day is an annual day to officially thank, honour, recognise and celebrate each and every team member involved in caring for the 1.3 million older Australians receiving home care or residential care services. This year Aged Care Employee Day falls on Saturday, 7 August.

Multicultural Care would like to deeply and sincerely thank our amazing employees for their ongoing and continued dedication to bettering the lives of older Australians, especially this year, which has seen them having to rise to many more challenges since the COVID-19 Delta outbreak.

“Our office is located in the heart of one of Sydney’s major COVID-19 hotspots, yet this has not deterred our amazing employees who continue to deliver essential care to Sydney’s most vulnerable, despite having even more demands being put on them,” said Multicultural Care CEO, Dr Rosy Walia.

“NSW Health orders have seen our care employees having to be tested every three (3) days in order to continue providing care services, and they have been compliant in meeting this requirement, providing all the necessary documentation to support this in every instance,” said Dr Rosy Walia.

“Our care employees have also shown great courage, taking on additional new shifts with clients they do not know in order to ensure the needs of the most vulnerable continue to be met during these unprecedented times,” she said.

“I would also like to acknowledge our client services and people and culture teams, who very quickly responded in developing a process to meet necessary weekly reporting on COVID vaccinations to the department.

“What’s more, our employees have led the way in the take up of vaccinations, we are very pleased in the increase of vaccinations we are seeing from week to week.

“Of course, I also need to mention our dedicated office employees who have been working from home since the lockdown. I thank them for their tremendous agility and steadfast commitment to continued service delivery. Communication between teams has been excellent, which has meant that services have been maintained — and this has given clients and their families peace of mind during these difficult times.

“By way of thank you to employees, our board determined that all Multicultural Care employees will receive a $50 bonus directly into their bank accounts next week.

“We thank our staff for their unwavering dedication to their roles and to our community,” Dr Rosy Walia said.