Michael Hawatt

Member of Consumer/Participants Engagement Committee

Michael has been a Board member with Multicultural Care (previously Multicultural Aged Care Inc.) since 2006 and a Local Government Councillor with Canterbury City since 1995.

Michael is committed to volunteering in his local area with professional organisations such as Multicultural Care which serve those members of the community with disabilities and the elderly.

Michael served on a number of local groups and is familiar with the community of Canterbury and ran on numerous occasions for the State Parliament. He is currently President of the Watson FEC, Lakemba SEC and Canterbury LGC for the Liberal Party and has also managed a number of election campaigns including Federal, State and Local Government.

Michael is a Finance Broker principal in Lakemba and is considering expanding his business to include Import and Export Trade. He has previously worked for a number of large companies including Qantas as a Computer Analyst.

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